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Online Therapy

Initial 60 minute Intake Session - $130

50 Minute Therapy Session - $120

Please contact us for extended session fees

Immigration Evaluations

The fee for a typical psychosocial evaluation is $1,250*. Payment is due as follows:

·       $250 deposit due 1 week before the scheduled clinical interview

·       $500 due at the start of the first clinical interview

·       $500 due 2 weeks after the clinical interview

Drafts will not be released or finalized until payments are made in full

*Additional fees may apply for expedited reports or specialty cases


We accept payments in the form of credit/debit card or HSA card. Payment is due at the beginning of your therapy session.

Cancellation Policy

We do not currently charge a fee for canceled or missed appointments, however, we ask that whenever possible you provide at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. We reserve the right to terminate services for those who miss 2 or more appointments without notice. If you cannot make your upcoming appointment please call 317-426-1847 or email

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