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Jessica Jacobs is currently on  maternity leave and we are not accepting new clients for Immigration Evaluations. 

We recommend using the following search tools to find an alternative provider:

Immigration Psych Evaluation Directory
Immigration Evaluation Directory

Immigration Evaluations

We know how important your immigration case is.
Let us tell
your story and deliver an expert assessment
of your mental health.

The psychological impact of your experiences may be a critical piece of evidence in your immigration case. Willow Grove Wellness is a leading provider of immigration psychosocial and mental health evaluations in Indiana, Colorado, and Vermont.  

Evaluations not only provide a thorough social and mental health history, but seek to answer the specific legal questions involved in your case. Our reports are objective, well written and professional.

Mother and child recieve mental health evaluation for immigration case

If your attorney has recommended that you complete this type of evaluation, call now to get started.

Our administrative team is fluent in English and Spanish. If you would like to receive a scheduling call in any other language, please text us at 317-426-1847 with your preferred language and we will call you using a phone interpreter. 

Being involved in Immigration proceedings can be stressful and emotional. We strive to create a welcoming environment where you feel safe to participate fully in the evaluation process.

Types of Cases:
  • Hardship Waivers

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and Spousal Abuse 

  • U-Visas 

  • T-Visas 

  • Asylum 

About the Evaluator:

Jessica Jacobs, LCSW specializes in understanding the impact of trauma. She has conducted mental health assessments with more than 150 survivors of violence. READ MORE>>

What's included:
  • Consultation with your attorney

  • 2-3 Clinical Interview Sessions totaling approximately 4-5 hours

  • A professional interpreter if needed

  • Review of relevant documents (medical records, police reports, legal documents, etc.)

  • Diagnostic screening tools based on your individual case

  • Diagnosis (if applicable) and clinical interpretation

  • Recommendations and referrals for ongoing care

  • A polished final report, usually 12-18 pages in length

Have more questions? Contact us at 317-426-1847 or

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